My field tests with 47 participants using EcoSmart Insect Repellent worked great for personal use with biting beach flies, mosquitos, and no-see-ums, here in Florida, at the Jersey Shore, and in the Caribbean.  The islands are having a significant increase in the number of Dengue Fever cases, and we wanted an effective non-DEET product we could all use.  The no-see-ums were horrible, but thankfully EcoSmart works on them as well.”   ”EcoSmart was used safely and very successfully by everyone on our research trip with the Smithsonian scientists to study marine jellies this summer on the island of Bonaire.  Heavy rains meant heavy insects, and we were glad we could use EcoSmart on our kids as well.   We used EcoSmart Flying Insect to spray the screens and inside the house.  Imagine doing that with the toxic pesticides normally found in sprays.  Especially with children around.

Move over DEET, EcoSmart is natural, smarter, safer, and better.

- Bud G.


This past summer my friends and I were sitting on the beach at the Jersey Shore when several days of west winds brought the biting flies.  After a few minutes of trying to swat them away as they bit us, we were getting ready to leave when I remembered the EcoSmart spray in my beach bag.  We all sprayed it on and sat undisturbed while all around us people were fleeing the beach.  We also knew we were safe not just from the flies but from harmful chemicals as well.  The next day I was sitting down the beach when a tap came on my shoulder.  My friends had been looking for me to borrow the EcoSmart so they could stay on the beach without getting bitten by the flies.  It had worked that well!  Thanks for maximizing our summer beach time and keeping it poison free too!

- Nancy G.



Enjoyed using the natural insect repellent.  It has worked well in repelling both the daytime mosquitoes and no-see-ums.  I like having a natural repellent that truly works in keeping the pests away, especially when it comes to applying it on the kids!   We’ve used the flying insect killer to “fog” around the door where the pesky mosquitoes like to hide.  It made a bit of a difference, but did not completely deter all flying creatures.  I’ve also used it on other insects as well.  It didn’t work so great on the cockroach, slowed it down for the shoe to drop.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it worked in keeping ants from invading my kitchen.  I had sprayed earlier in the day outside with a chemical spray.  That evening the ants returned so I tried the natural spray indoors and it worked wonderfully.  The ants stayed away.  When the ants attempted a different location this time I grabbed the natural spray first.  Haven’t had a problem since!

Rhonda B.

Hi there

My name is Nataly K. and I want to thank you so much for all your products. My son has really bad allergic reactions to mosquitoes and bees, and thanks to your products we are able to enjoy our yard or anywhere else we go. I buy a lot of your products to keep him safe.

Thank you so much and have a nice day

- Nataly K.

Hi EcoSmart:

Had to share with you how great your lawn sprayer product is.  I had started to see my 2 large dogs scratching, and sure enough, fleas.  I bought 2 sprayers of your lawn and garden treatment because it said it also killed fleas.  Well I started spraying, and within 5 minutes, my large golden retriever came over where I was and started rolling in the just treated grass.  He must have known instinctively how good and safe your products are.  Although I wouldn’t encourage this, I thought it was interesting that the dog knew to roll in grass treated with EcoSmart to cure the pests.

- Kathy B.


I live beachside by Daytona and fleas are a huge problem during this time of year. I’ve tried Everything in the past and they continued to party on my pets each year until I resorted to calling a costly exterminator… Until today. I was looking for something natural & I found it. Im an expectant mother and my youngest son is not yet 2yrs, and I recently brought a teacup dog into my family so have been doing my best to avoid getting into chemicals when the flea outbreak happened. I was instantly impressed with the fast relief your product was able to deliver. I literally shampooed my carpet with it & sprayed inside and around the outside by the doors etc and plan to treat the rest of the yard tomorrow. The mint is very potent so I left my doors open & spent some time enjoying the ocean air… but amazingly have not seen a single living flea or any other pesty insect since I sprayed and treated with EcoSmart… which most products that say they kill and repell instantly BUT only last briefly If they work at all. And then they leave residue & half the house ends up in the sink, laundry, dishwasher, or tub… even the clean stuff… but this… Just WOW! No residue and the ingredients are all natural. Im not easily impressed … but I have to say, this has certainly impressed me & I’m sure it will become an epidemic around here when I spread the word to my neighbors & friends who really hate resorting to those harsh chemicals to rid these seemingly impossible tiny insects. Thank you EcoSmart!!

- Morgan


EcoSMART has created a dedicated website as a handy resource for consumers about beg bugs.

Go to and learn about:

Where bed bugs hide and how to find them, handy travel tips, and information about EcoSMART’s safe, effective suite of home and travel bed bug products.

EcoSMART Technologies Secures an Additional $4 Million

ATLANTA – October 19, 2010 – EcoSMART Technologies, Inc. today announced the closing of a $2 million equity investment from Greenmont Capital Partners and the funding of an additional $2 million under its credit facility with Western Technology Investment (“WTI”). EcoSMART Technologies will use the funds to provide additional growth capital and to support its working capital requirements as it continues to rapidly grow the sales of its complete line of safe and effective pesticide products.

“Greenmont brings a deep expertise in branded natural products to the company.” stated Vern Kennedy, CEO of EcoSMART “In short order we have become the undisputed market share leader amongst natural pesticides.  We look forward to leveraging Greenmont’s experience and relationships to dramatically expand the awareness and distribution of our products.”

“Greenmont looks for companies in the Natural Products categories with proven customer traction and natural products that are unique and compete effectively with their non-natural alternatives,” said David Haynes of Greenmont Capital Partners. “EcoSMART’s impressive growth through leading home centers, grocery chains and natural retailers validate the consumer demand for a safe and effective alternative to synthetic pesticides.”

Mike Lemberg, CFO of EcoSMART, added “Western Technology Investment has been a great partner to the company providing the working capital needed to support the rapid growth. The capital from Greenmont and WTI supports the continued growth and scaling of the company.”


Mike Lemberg
EcoSMART Technologies, Inc.

# #


About EcoSMART Technologies

EcoSMART Technologies is the world leader in proprietary pesticide products derived from natural plant oils. The active ingredients in EcoSMART’s products are unique, synergistic blends of essential oils, many of which are classified GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and approved as direct food additives. EcoSMART Technologies is the first company to economically enable a realistic shift from synthetic to botanical pesticides in the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural markets. For more information, visit

About Greenmont Capital Partners

Greenmont Capital Partners is an investment fund founded by Natural Products industry insiders, focusing on early-stage companies in the $500-billion Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (“LOHAS”) market. Greenmont’s operations are strategically headquartered in Boulder, Colo., a city widely regarded as the epicenter or “Silicon Valley” of the Natural Products industry, providing optimal flow of information, contacts, resources and investment opportunities in the LOHAS space. Additional information is available at

About Western Technology Investment

Founded in 1980, Western Technology Investment (WTI) is the world’s leading venture debt firm, financing venture-backed companies in the technology, healthcare and cleantech industries.  WTI’s 13th fund builds upon the firm’s successful history, which has included investments in Ablation Frontiers, Brocade, Cerent, Evalve, Facebook, Google, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Infoseek, IronPort, Juniper Networks, NanoSolar, Postini, Transmeta, VeriSign, and many others.  For more information, please visit

Even more reasons to control house flies (article from University of Florida):


I have Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and also 4 cats that go in and out of my house. This year after a lot of chemotherapy for me, the cats got the house infested with fleas. Or more like I did because I was letting them go outside where fleas are and back into the house. I can’t stand pesticides and having 4 cats and serious medical reasons I really didn’t want the pesticides in my house but everyone I spoke to said without professional treatment my house would be infested with fleas in two weeks or less after the first sign fleas were in the house. Well this is true I found out and me and my four cats were living in a house full of fleas in two weeks time. We were miserable. Not being able to stand it any longer I went to the store to get pesticides, raid, hot shot whatever. I was scared I would make my cats ill, or myself ill or worse. I definitely didn’t want my my cats to get cancer.I saw Ecosmart and bought one can. The next 24hours I sprayed in the house conservatively trying to do one room at a time putting a thin layer on the carpet and furniture. I did move the cats to a separate room away when spraying but didn’t  have to take them out of the house for hours. In 24 hours 75-80% of the fleas were gone. In 2-3 days the entire house was flea free. Oh, the smell is purely peppermint so my house smells great now, really. Its peppermint oil and other oils in the contents and that’s all. My entire house has not had 1 flea in it since I sprayed. If I go outside in the grass the fleas are there but they are not in the house not even on the cats! The Ecosmart isn’t just safe it really works and if you have pets with fleas you must try the stuff. For a few dollars a can I saved a lot of money vs getting a prof exterminator and when I say not one flea I mean it. They are all gone. I am so glad this product really really works. I recently got some for my parents but will go for now. I am glad to hear you are assisting this company don’t worry, its all good! this product works!

- Samuel S.